This Woman’s Hack For Removing Fleas Is Making Its Way Around Facebook


This Woman’s Hack For Removing Fleas Is Making Its Way Around Facebook

It can be a rewarding and comforting experience owning a pet.

Pets are part of our families where we like to ensure they are happy, healthy, and comfortable. However, fleas, can of course pose as a threat.

Fleas do not only cause issues for your pets, but they can also remain in your house and bite the people who live there.

One woman has thankfully developed a genius solution for getting rid of fleas from her pets.

Kimberly Dawn Kelly revealed that she uses Dawn dish soap (particularly the blue kind) to wash her animals with.

Once her animals are dry, she rubs coconut oil onto their bellies, bums, and ears.

When it comes to killing fleas and keeping them at bay Kimberly swears that this method is effective.

She claims to have heard a lot of people say that blue Dawn works wonders when it comes to killing fleas.

Even thought it would be easy to just purchase a specific flea shampoo from a vet’s office, they are in fact quiet expensive and full of harsh chemicals.

The method itself is not only much far cheaper, it is also more natural.

Prior to using it all over their body be sure to carry out a patch test on their skin.

Like humans, animals can react in different ways to certain products, so make sure that these products don’t irritate your pet.

Getting rid of fleas can be a nuisance, however Kimberly’s solution seems to be a good one. Thanks Kimberly!

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