This Touching Christmas Ad Is A Wake-Up Call To Everyone Everywhere


This Touching Christmas Ad Is A Wake-Up Call To Everyone Everywhere

Under a month to go until Christmas – for many, the most precious time of the year to be spent among friends and family. But not everyone has that luxury of spend Christmas with loved ones – and we sometimes are too preoccupied with ourselves to even notice it.

This commercial by German supermarket chain Edeka carries an incredibly important message. It has in just a few days been viewed by close to 20 million viewers. Insane.

An elderly man prepares to sit alone to have Christmas dinner. His children constantly cancel and don’t show up. The video then takes two sudden twists. The first will make you cry with grief – the second with a mix of joy and relief. This smart commercial is a real eye-opener and I think it serves as an important reminder to everyone on how important it is to show your loved ones just how much you care, right here, right now.

Please like if you agree that you should always put your loved ones first.

Content Credit: Bored Daddy

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