Mother Of 4 Scalped In Matter Of Seconds, Sends Urgent Warning To All Women


Mother Of 4 Scalped In Matter Of Seconds, Sends Urgent Warning To All Women

More often than not, most of us will try to solve our car problems ourselves before consulting with a mechanic for professional help.

Assuming she could fix her own car and save herself money, mother of four Alon Abare decided to do exactly this.

Turning on her car, she revved up the engine and popped the front hood.

Little did she know that day, one simple error was about to change her life forever.

Now Alon is informing others about what happened to her that day and warning them to pay close attention to the tiny detail she overlooked. This is a lesson that everyone should take note of…

It all began when Alon discovered her car was experiencing problems. With her cash flow being limited at the time, she decided to undertake the task of solving the issue herself instead of calling out an expensive mechanic. She decided to pop the hood herself and take a look inside the engine.

She wanted to take a quick look inside and see if she could spot the source of the malfunction.

But unknown to Alon, her life instantly became at risk.

Within a matter of moments, her head was whipped downwards towards the engine and she immediately felt excruciating pain.

She was left startled and had no idea what had just unfolded, but the pain she was experiencing was by far the worst pain she had ever experienced in her lifetime.

Luckily, Alon’s children heard their mothers screams and came running to assist her. If it had not been for their quick thinking, their mother could have lost to life from the injuries she had sustained.

Alon was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors informed her she was very luck to be alive. She did not think before sticking her head under the hood while the engine was running.

Now Alon is warning other women about how dangerous the simple act of looking under the hood of a running vehicle can be. She will now have to endure a number of surgeries and transplants to repair the damage done to her scalp.

This tiny mistake will now cost her thousands in medical expenses and nearly left her children without their mother.

On top of all this, her car needed even more work after she was freed from its grip. One thing for sure is, she will never make this grave error again.

Watch the video below to learn about the mistake Alon made that day and just how lucky she was. This is a lesson you do not want to have to experience yourself!

Please SHARE this story with friends and family who could one day make this very same mistake accidentally. Never put your life at risk to save a few bucks and always consult a mechanic!

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