Mom Tells Teacher To Step Outside After Hearing Rmours – Blindsides Her As She Shouts “Are You Serious?”


Mom Tells Teacher To Step Outside After Hearing Rmours – Blindsides Her As She Shouts “Are You Serious?”

In an ideal world, those who have excess would always help those in need; those who have money would lend to those who don’t.

Of course, that’s not the case, and we’re not necessarily saying it should be. After all, a lot of people who have money to their name are those who have worked damn hard to make it that way.

All the same, it never fails to warm the heart when one sees acts of charity from every day people. Enter Courtney Adeleye, CEO and founder of The Mane Choice hair care products, who caught wind of the fact that her daughter’s teacher was struggling and decided to do something straight away.

One thing led to another, and before long Adeleye was outside the teacher’s classroom. What followed has spread around the internet like wildfire, not least because of the magnitude of Adeleye’s actions …


When Adeleye heard that her daughter’s teacher was in dire financial straits, she wanted to help. The rumours said the teacher couldn’t afford a car, and had been reduced to using public transportation to get to and from school every day.

Adeleye spoke with her husband on the matter, and the pair decided to do something remarkable.

They came to the agreement that they would buy their daughter’s teacher a brand new car. Obviously this was a pricey investment, but one they knew would change her life forever.


So they went to the car lot, chose a new car and wrapped it in a bright blue ribbon.

Still, Adeleye was unsure over whether or not the teacher would be offended by the gift. Would her pride lead her to feel insulted?

Courtney visited the school and asked the teacher to come outside with her into the lot. When she handed the keys over, the teacher broke down in tears, saying: “No more sitting in the cold, no more riding the bus, no more waiting on somebody to come and pick me up!”

Fortunately, Courtney’s daughter filmed the event, giving everyone the chance to witness an act of compassion that transcends even the kindest of gestures.

You can see the keys being handed over below:

We think it’s fair to say the world could do with a few more people like Courtney Adeleye. What a fantastic surprise.

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Content Credit: Newz Magazine

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