Mom Shares Tragic Story Of Toddler’s Passing Due To Common Mistake. Hopes It Will Save Others


Mom Shares Tragic Story Of Toddler’s Passing Due To Common Mistake. Hopes It Will Save Others

Many parents are not aware that their children are putting things into their mouth not knowing that it can be potentially dangerous for them. We have heard tragic stories from all over the world and 2-year-old Brianna Florer was one of them. It is nearly three years since this little girl celebrated her last Christmas and her sad story is worth sharing to help prevent possible household accidents like hers.

Kent Vice was the one taking care of his granddaughter Brianna who was just weeks old. Her parents, Brian and Stephanie Florer needed to return to work that day and baby Brianna was left in Grandpa’s care. Vice loved his granddaughter and it was painful for him everytime he recalls how a small button battery took his granddaughter’s life. He said, “I took care of her — she was just an angel.”

Brianna celebrated Christmas with her family in rural Delaware County, Oklahoma in 2015. She’s been having a low-grade fever for days but since it was the time of the year, her family thought that childhood sickness is common and her parents did not think much of it.

Not until Brianna’s face turned blue and she began to vomit blood…

She was rushed to the hospital but the emergency surgery was not able to help stop the intense internal bleeding in her tiny esophagus. They found out that Brianna somehow swallowed a button battery. It is a small, circular shaped and shiny thing that caught the child’s curious attention.

According to the doctors, the battery has been in Brianna’s body for 6 days before she passed away. Such a sad way to face the new year.

Vice said, “One minute she is perfect, and the next minute she is dead. We had no idea when she swallowed it. ” Instead of celebrating the New Year’s Day, the Florer family spent it preparing for Brianna’s funeral.

For them, every Christmas will be a painful reminder of how tragic their little girl was taken away from their lives. They would surely miss her delighted face as she opens her gifts and the way she smiles at the tree lights.

he Dangers Of Button Batteries

Button batteries and lithium coin batteries are small and round batteries that you can usually find in toys, watches, calculators, and so much more. Batteries might look harmless but parents need to be extra careful with these things. Some people think that when they are swallowed, they would pass straight through and out of the body. However, this is not what the doctors are saying. Hospitals are reporting more and more life-changing injuries caused by these batteries. It can get stuck at any point in its journey while it continues to emit its charge, burn the tissues, and cause lasting and fatal injuries. It can even burn blood vessels within hours!

Many parents are oblivious to the fact that their child has swallowed the battery. The very first symptom is when the child is vomiting blood. However, this is often too late to save the child’s life because the irreparable damage has already occurred inside the body. Make sure that you keep loose batteries away from their reach. Brianna’s family is helping raise awareness about the dangers of button batteries.

Share Brianna’s story today. It might save a life!

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