Josh Groban Shares Emotional Music Video For Brand New Song


Josh Groban Shares Emotional Music Video For Brand New Song

Even though life can be pretty hard at times there is always light at the end of the tunnel. However, when facing certain difficulty, people feel that there is no way out and that they are left alone. Josh Groban’s new song ‘River’ is written exactly for people who find themselves in positions like this. His amazing voice along with the encouraging lyrics are a great reminder that hardships of life can be easily prevailed when shared and discussed with others. So, instead of being overwhelmed by the problems life puts on your way, remember that ‘sun will be there when you wake up’.


Groban told PEOPLE’s Brian Bowen Smith that he found inspiration for ‘River’ in the faith of finding the light even during darkest of times. He said, “Whenever we have dark times in our lives, whether we suffer from depression, or addiction, or anxiety, or even just having a really bad day, the worst is that it feels like we are suffering alone… Far too many people feel this way… I hope this song and video are a reminder that it’s the simple steps, the smallest gestures, that can pull us back to the light. It’s those things for me. Find your ‘river.’” Isolating ourselves from our surrounding and the people that care can further deepen our state of despair, that’s why whenever things get tough and we feel like avoiding everyone, we can always find consolation sitting by the river where the troubles can’t find us.


River has the power to wipe the worries away, as for Josh it can be healing and he says, “So I walk down to the river / Where the troubles, they can’t find me / Let the waters there remind me / The sun will be there when we wake.”

This song is a great reminded that people out there deal with pain, and everyone can experience pain, but how we deal with it makes all the difference.

Listen to the new song with a powerful message and spread it across.

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