Dolly Parton Sings ‘I Will Always Love You’ To A Surprised And Emotional Kenny Rogers


Dolly Parton Sings ‘I Will Always Love You’ To A Surprised And Emotional Kenny Rogers

Chris Stapleton, The Judds, Lionel Richie, Idina Menzel, Kris Kristofferson, Lady Antebellum and more took the stage at Bridgestone Arena in October of 2017 for “All In For The Gambler,” a farewell concert celebration for Kenny Rogers. But, it was Rogers’ appearance with Dolly Parton that was the night’s most anticipated event.

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Dolly Parton I will always love you – Kenny Rogers All for the gambler
The two friends shared the stage and swapped stories and memories from their decades-long friendship. In addition to performing their 1983 award-winning hit “Islands In The Stream,” Dolly sang her beloved tune “I Will Always Love You” to Kenny.

As Dolly sang, and emotional Kenny sat on a stool with his arm around her. The auditorium was silent, no doubt because everyone was fighting back tears as they witnessed this truly personal and heartfelt moment between the country legends.

The night’s concert was the first time in 12 years that Parton, 71, and Rogers, 79, performed together in public, and marked the last time the two will perform together as Kenny enters retirement, something he says is very much final.

“That’s always been kind of a rub with me when people retire 10 times,” Rogers told Fox News earlier this year. “I’m going out because I need to go out and I’m going to enjoy my time at home with my wife and kids. I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.”

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