60 Year Old Teacher Steals The Limelight As Students Dance To “Uptown Funk” Routine.


60 Year Old Teacher Steals The Limelight As Students Dance To “Uptown Funk” Routine.

Age really is just a number when you witness this now 63-year-old teacher Shirley Clements dance at high school.

Shirley was about to retire back in 2015 as she had been teaching for a long time it was her passion and she was sad to move on.

However, she refused to waste any time being sad and decided she should join her students in a hip-hop routine for a competition that she had in fact launched 19 years ago.

The footage captured will put any “fear of aging”  into complete perspective for you.

You’ve more than likely seen plenty older people online doing random things that are generally pretty difficult to achieve.

Well, dancing could be categorized as one of those especially when you witness Shirley’s performance, that was captured when she was 60 years old.

The young dancers make their way to the floor as “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars begins to play, not long after Shirley joins them.

What happened next from there basically left everyone’s in absolute awe.

Shirley didn’t just do a great job “for a 60-year-old,” she absolutely nailed it and hit every single move with the same precision as her students.

She is I suppose the one who taught them all their moves and  the crowd went insane.

Once they reached the one minute mark the boys took to the center stage with their teacher as the girls moved back to let her do her piece.

Honestly, no one expected this next move as the agile 60-year-old did a headstand, what a woman.

This is certainly one way to make a career exit as the students gather round for support.

Have a look at the video down below and prepare to be truly amazed. And don’t forget to share her incredible talent with your friends!

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