16-year-old girl passed away in awful crash: Police search the wreckage and make amazing findings


16-year-old girl passed away in awful crash: Police search the wreckage and make amazing findings

16 year old student was killed in a deadly car crash on February 22nd. Her name was Camryn Galloway.

The accident was a huge misfortune for the whole area and her family were left completely devastated.

It was only a small while after 10 p.m when she was out driving and ended up plowing into the back of a tractor which was driving in front of her.

Her car was left in a complete wreck and Camryn was killed instantly in the accident.

While doing the investigation it was then determined that she was distracted on her phone and was texting while she was driving.

Her mother Michelle had previously warned her not to text while she drove. She also said that while she was a passenger with Camryn that her daughter never used her phone.

She now wants more people to know about her daughters story in a hope that it will help prevent other young drivers killing themselves like this.

She said to the local news station:

“I think a visual needs to be seen. I know for me, I’m a visual person and to see my child in a casket who’s no longer with us, that’s visual to me and my family,”

“Camryn was my heart. She was the reason I lived and now I just have a new focus on life. She’s not here anymore. I just want to honor her.”

AT&T who is one of America’s largest telephone companies helped extensively with a campaign that helps raise awareness about the dangers of driving while texting.

Apparently 43% of the population had admitted in a survey that they text while driving.

It’s also 23 times more likely that you will have an accident while texting behind the wheel according to a recent survey taken by AT&T.

This does not come as news to anybody that you mobile phones while driving a car.

Below is the full picture of the car and the aftermath of the crash.

All it takes is one second for you to be distracted and your car could end up like this.

You can watch the full story below

Most of the time people think it’s ok to take a call or send a text while they are driving. Some people only do it occasionally. But it only takes one time for your whole life to change.

Unfortunately Cameryn was not so lucky and that one mistake cost her for life.

Share this story to help raise awareness about the dangers of using your phone while driving. You might help save someone’s life.

Don’t use your phone while driving!

Content Credit: News Actual

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